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An Intentional Life was born from a massive pile of notebooks full of lists and a never ending pile of self help books. I was trying to find true happiness and some how organize my life in a productive way. I started designing my own items that made sense to me, a busy mom who wanted to grow and become more in tune with my surroundings.

All of our designed products are made from my heart and soul! They have been created in such a way to help organize our lives, teach our children good habits, and feed our individual soul. We are here to promote growth, reflection, and joy. 

We hope you enjoy them and can find a space here with us that is calming and brings peace in the middle of this crazy world.


Meet our Team! 

Ashley: Owner

Hello! I have lots of little humans and fur babies running around keeping me busy. I love creating and brainstorming business ideas, and helping others achieve their goals. In my spare time I enjoy playing games with my family and watching movies. I love traveling, Harry Potter, candy, and all things cozy. 

What has helped you grow and find peace in life?

I have struggled with anxiety greatly for the last few years and have found a lot of comfort and help in becoming closer to my Heavenly Father. I make sure I prioritize my spirituality everyday. Working out has also been a huge help! It's good to sweat off some of the worlds worries! 

Jordan: Editor


I love life and have loads of energy to spread throughout my fun and crazy life! My family is my number one! My husband and 4 kids bring me so much joy and keep me always on the move! I love to craft, bake and watch baking competition shows, participate in holidays and traditions, camping and going boating with my family and teaching/participating in group fitness. Traveling and trying new foods bring me great joy! A perfect evening for me involves snuggling with my family, eating yummy treats and watching a favorite show or movie!
What has helped you grow and find peace in life?

My relationship with my Heavenly Father and Savior have always been my constant. No matter the chaos around me, I know that I can always count on those relationships for strength and purpose. Now have they always been strong, no, of course not. But I have loved growing and cultivating my relationship with Them through study and prayer. My family is also my greatest joy in this life; I am nothing without them. Being a wife and mom has brought more fulfillment and happiness than I could have ever imagined. My goal is to always strive to improve myself each day in order to give them the best version of me!

 McKenna: Photographer


Kirsten: Designer: Follow her work on Instagram @westendgirlstudio and @kirstenkizerian

Kirsten is a creative director and designer running a business from home with her two kids, Scarlett age 4 and Mason age 1. She has endless hobbies such as party planning, writing and music and enjoys sharing them with her family. 
What has helped you grow and find peace in life? 
How I find peace in my life? I think the truth is, we are always fluctuating but what puts me on a steady course is to keep my priorities straight. My faith and my family are at the absolute core of my existence and as long as I remember that I can push all of the noise from the world out.


Nicole: Designer 

Hi I'm Nicky! Our family loves being active, we spend a lot of time outdoors, finding interesting places to eat, and we love seeing our kids experience things for the first time. My husband and I love playing co-ed sports together for date night once a week! 

What has helped you grow and find peace in life?

When I was younger my dad shared the phrase, "No grit, no pearl" with me. It was profound enough to stick with me all these years. It gives me peace when trials arise. I know the payout will be great as long as I have the endurance and faith.